Your Outbound Dialing Process
How many refills do you receive per week?
Average Refill Value
Current Refill Frequency in Days
Member average is 41 to 45 days
Estimated Improvement
A proactive process should yield a 3 to 8 day improvement
Revenue Increase per Week =

Cost Saving ROI Calculator

This cost saving calculator compares the costs of a refill process that uses telephone calls and a process that uses Rx Mobility push messages to implement a refill process.

Your Outbound Dialing Process Rx Mobility
How many refills phone calls do you make per week?
How many calls do you make per hour on average?
What is your labor cost per hour?
What percentage of calls get through?
PCCA Members have indicated that about 1 in 5 calls get through
What percentage of patients call back as a result?
PCCA Members have indicated that about 1 in 5 call back
Push Messages / hour 90
Number of messages that get through 100%
Cost per Contacted Refill
Labor cost / week
Labor Savings per Week =

Income Contribution = at 50% Gross Margin