Increase Refills
& Improve your Workflow
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works with

is a refill, patient engagement, and marketing tool, purpose built for independant community pharmacies and optimized for compounding

How does it integrate with PK?


Rx Mobility gives you the only web and mobile solution that integrates directly into your PK Compounder workflow

Which means

What else do I get?

What You Get

Mobile App

for both iPhone and Android smart phones

Pharmacy Portal

Reduce time on the phone with patients using simple push messages

Quick Refills

Quick, easy and secure patient refills arrive directly into your PK To Do list

Refill Reminders

Automatically generated refill reminder using data from PK Compounder Rx

Website Refills

Easily add a refill form for your website

Dose Reminders

Simple and customizable medication dose reminders, easily managed directly in the app

Marketing Messages

Send messages to all your patients about deals, announcements, and more

HIPAA Compliance

The Rx Mobility solution is fully HIPPA compliant

A mid sized Compounder using Rx Mobility could expect

Rx Mobility benefits
Rx Mobility benefits
Rx Mobility benefits
Rx Mobility benefits

Give it a Try

First, request access to the
test Pharmacy Portal with the link below:

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And then, scan the QR Code or click
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