More Refills. Less Interruptions. It’s Possible.

Rx Mobility offers this and more.

In our August 2018 webinar, we preview the 4 Hidden Costs of Phone Calls in Your Pharmacy plus the workflows that you can implement with Rx Mobility to reduce the main source of phone calls between your pharmacy and your patients.

How is this achieved? Rx Mobility:

  • Is a Self-service tool for patients to submit and stay informed about their refills.
  • Allows the pharmacy to Generate reminders, receive refills and message patients - automatically using PK Software.
  • Helps patients to refill on time plus enables you to easily engage with those who don’t.

Whether you dispense 20 scripts per day or 100s, Rx Mobility has options for every size of compounding pharmacy including owner-operated, larger single store locations, small chains and 503B outsourcing facilities.

Price options are listed here.

Don’t miss out on the benefits.

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Rx Mobility

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