When does the dispensed notification get sent via the app?

There are three mechanisms in the Compounder Rx to track scripts and therefore three different ways to initiate the item dispensed notification.

How and when the notification gets sent depends on the settings in your PK installation. The 3 methods are:

  1. Rx Watch
  2. Rx Tracker
  3. Rx Validation

If your pharmacy uses Rx Watch, the notification is sent to customer when you place the script in your final action. A PK Support video describing the workflow process is here.

With Rx Tracker, the notification is sent at your finish workstation. More details about this workflow in the PK Support webinar video.

The notification is sent after validation of your script if your pharmacy uses Rx Validation. This workflow process is described in more detail in this PK Support video.

A scanner is not required but it can make things easier for the pharmacy. Absent a scanner, the value of the barcode can be typed into its corresponding field.

When you place the script in the final action, PK Software will send the status change to Rx Mobility which is turn sends a push message alert advising the patient that the script is ready. This happens relatively instantaneously.

The messages a patient can receive when refilling.

How PK and Rx Mobility work together.

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